Glazed – Single: $1.00, Half Dozen: $5.50, Dozen: $10.00

Donut Holes (Dozen)
Plain: $2.25
Mixed: $2.50

Mixed Donuts – Single: $1.25, Half Dozen: $6.00, Dozen: $11.00
-Apple Filled
-Apple Uglies
-Bavarian Kreme Filled & Chocolate Covered
-Chocolate Covered
-Chocolate Covered Kreme Filled
-Cinnamon Rolls
-Lemon Filled

-Peach Filled

-Peaches & Kreme Filled
-Raspberry Filled
-Strawberry Filled
-Strawberry & Kreme Filled
-Cake of the Day (See Below)

Cake Donut Daily Schedule
Mon: Blueberry
Tue: Old Fashioned
Wed: Chocolate
Thu: Red Velvet
Fri: Blueberry
Sat: Pumpkin Spice

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